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This theme is outdated and I consider it not so nice. I'll keep the download but I strongly advice to have a look at my steel theme instead, which is a lot more polished.

I'm posting this theme here because Giuseppe Caruso asked for it. 

It started as a css-only port of the Din theme but soon evolved in  a totally different direction. For the record, I'm always using css-only themes (based on the  'classic' one) to avoid any compatibility issues with admin plugins.

If you want to  try it just download, unzip and copy the entire folder under the 'theme' directory (textpattern > theme) then point to admin > advanced > theme_name and choose 'bot_theme_1'.

I won't post it on txpgarden as Giuseppe is suggesting because it still needs some minor aesthetic tweaks here and here.

  1. Hi Mave and thanks for the kind words.
    The issue you mention has nothing to do with the theme but depends on how glz_custom last version works.
    If you read the install instructions which come with the plugin you’ll see you got to create a folder called “plugins” in the root of your site and put in it the folder “glz_custom_fields” which came with the zip.
    This is because the css for glz_custom now comes as a separate file.

    redbot | 16 August 2011 #

  2. Hi – I’m using this with the newly updated glz_custom_fields (v 1.3.0), and I’m getting some weirdness in the display of the admin page for glz_custom_fields. Any idea what might be causing this?


    PS] I know you have a new theme called Steel, but I prefer this version of the theme over your new one. The new Steel theme looks nice, but there’s less visual contrast between text, interface elements, etc. which makes it harder on the eyes. And I LOVE this theme!

    Mave | 16 August 2011 #