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Steel theme

This admin theme changes radically  the look of the  'classic' theme using only css and images so to avoid any compatibility issues with admin plugins.

Like any other admin theme (from txp 4.0.8 on) you can quickly install and  try it without the risk of messing up things: just download, unzip and copy the entire folder under the 'theme' directory (textpattern -> theme) then point to admin -> advanced -> theme_name and choose 'Steel'. If you don't like it just delete the folder and everithing will be back to normal.
Alternatively you can use the handy smd_admin_themes plugin.

This theme works with txp 4.3 only and performs better with 'normal' browsers as it makes use of css shadows, transitions and rounded corners. In ie (all versions) It will look... ehm...  a little 'squared' but it will work ok.

As always, any modification is highly encouraged

  1. Hi Redbot,
    I have been using bot_write_tab_customize , and bot_admin_tooltips for a while and really love your work.

    Last night while driving home from an art show, I was thinking about a client, and the work I am doing on her site. We started using the URL-only-title for the sort order, but the client seems to continuously get confused about the order. I got thinking how well WTC works in the write tab & thought it would be cool to have a similar plugin for the article tab.
    In other words – - to have the option of adding columns to the existing article list with items like
    * url-only-title
    * article-image
    * custom-field-1
    * custom-field-2
    * etc – - any field listed in the write tab.

    I would be happy just to be able to edit the code my self to add one or two. But think it would be so cool to have an actual plugin that worked as well as WTC.

    Any ideas? Thoughts?

    Thanks again for your plugins
    Morgan Rex

    Morgan | 25 July 2014 #

  2. Hi Robbii, yes I need a lot of money ;)
    Seriously you just have to wait a little… I’m slowly upgrading my plugins and themes. I should release bot_wtc shortly and then I’m gonna try to update the “steel” theme (hoping that it won’t be a nightmare). Stay tuned and thanks for the kind words.

    redbot | 14 September 2012 #

  3. Dude. How much money do you need to: 1. update this theme for 4.5 2. update bot_write_tab_customize for 4.5

    You are an allstar for sure. I have a client / friend that wants to use your theme for her site and I do too! Hope you are well. Thank you for your amazing work. Best, R

    Robbii Albright | 14 September 2012 #

  4. Hi again,
    I finally managed to push at least this theme on github. As I’ll have more time I’ll add the other plugins.

    redbot | 9 August 2011 #

  5. No problem redbot,

    the more folks we have using tools like github or bitbucket the easier it is to cross-fertilize ideas and send each other patches.

    BTW, I like this theme — a lot — but I find that my tired old eyes need slightly more contrast to make things readable so I’ll need to make a few changes to the stylesheet. If this were up on github I’d just fork the redbot/steel-theme repo and push my changes there.

    Look forward to seeing your repos on github in the future.


    netcarver | 8 August 2011 #

  6. Hi Steve,
    you are right I should pubblish everything on github. The problem is I’m a slacker by nature :(
    For the record I already created an account and pulled some (now outdated) code some years ago but never updated since then.
    Anyway thank you for the suggestion: I’ll try to use github properly as I’ll have some free time even if I fear this won’t happen very soon.

    redbot | 8 August 2011 #

  7. Hi redbot.

    I’ve been trying this theme out and like it. I wonder if you’d consider publishing your themes and plugins on github — it would make it trivial for others (ok, me) to fork them, then make changes and submit them back to you via pull requests.

    Just a thought.

    Keep up the good work.

    netcarver | 8 August 2011 #