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This plugin allows to modify user level privileges with the help of a graphical interface located under the “extensions” tab.

It lets you hide (or show) entire admin tabs (or sub-tabs) for every privilege level (“designer”, “staff writer”, etc.) defined in the “users” tab. Moreover you can set other privileges (all normally hard coded in the “admin_config” file) such as “can edit article” or “can edit own article” or “can edit own published article” and so on.

Ok, nothing special really (even if it was not so easy task for me), all in all it simply avoids to have to hack admin_config.php and it just adds an interface to the existing plugin boy_privs (which does the same thing but is a little raw cos it requires to change plugin’s code by hand). Maybe someone will find it useful.

The plugin creates his own table so it doesn’t mess with anything in the db. It provides also an option to remove the installation table and to reset privs to their default state.

Changes v0.3.2

Changes v0.3.1

Changes v0.3