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This plugin allows to upload, edit and show article images within the ‘write’ tab.
Similar in concept to my other plugin bot_file_upload it uses a modal window to add and edit images. Moreover it shows a preview of the article image directly in the ‘write’ tab thus incorporating someway my old plugin ‘bot_show_image’.

The plugin does not alter texpattern natural behavieur, it just operates at a visual level hiding the field and replacing it with an interface. Under the skin, images are still stored normally as comma separated values.

The plugin has no configuration interface. If you want to change some settings you can easily edit them directly in the plugins code. Go to plugins > edit and search for ‘Global preferences – Configuration’ in the first lines. Read instructions for more help.



Set the "article image" field to accept only one image, custom field 2 to accept a list of them for a gallery, custom field 3 for another gallery and so on.


This isn't strictly related to the plugin but can be useful to know.  If you want to output a list of images in the same sort order you input them in a custom field (or in the 'article_image' field) use this code:

<txp:images id='<txp:custom_field name="article_image" />' wraptag="ul" break="li" sort=' field(id, <txp:custom_field name=''article_image'' />)'>

Of course replace 'article_image' with the custom field name if you are using one.

If you are associating a lot of images with an article I suggest to use my other plugin bot_wtc to move the field in the central colum for a nicer look


v. 0.6.3

v. 0.6.2

  1. Uhhhhh…. nevermind. I read in forum……sorry. :)

    Robbii | 9 April 2013 #

  2. Hey Awesome REdbot! :) drag and drop support ( even in v. 4.5 ) !? Really? How does this work. Can’t seem to make happen on this end. Best, Rob

    Robbii | 9 April 2013 #

  3. Hi David,
    did you install the right version (0.6.3)? It seems to work for me. What problems are you experiencing?

    redbot | 29 November 2012 #

  4. I should say that it doesn’t work for 4.5.2

    David | 28 November 2012 #

  5. Hey, this is a brilliant little plugin, unfortunately it doesn’t work with 4.5

    David | 28 November 2012 #

  6. I really should have mentioned this before, but this is an awesome plugin that has brought peace and happiness to many a client! (Along with bot_file_upload)

    Will you be updating these plugins to work with Textpattern 4.5.0?

    Doug | 31 August 2012 #

  7. Ciao redbot,
    with the just released txp 4.5.0 your plugin is not working anymore, as well as your bot_file_upload plugin. I am sure you will have some spare time to look into the matter and update your plugins, since they are both very useful.
    Thanks in advance!

    Giampiero | 30 August 2012 #

  8. That does not work. the picture is not inserted. Textpattern 4.5.0
    Can you please look at it?!

    Su-Mu | 29 August 2012 #

  9. Hi Fernando,
    glad you find it useful.
    Anyway – regarding your request – that’s a good catch, I didn’t even consider this issue.
    So thank you, that’s another thing to add on the todo list for the next release.

    redbot | 4 May 2012 #

  10. I love so much this plugin. The only one thing I don’t like is when you delete the images from DB, you can’t delete these ID missed images in the custom field. Happens the same with ‘bot_file_upload’. But, I guess it very difficult find a solution. Anyway, I’m a big fan of your work.
    Best regards from Argentina

    Fernando | 30 April 2012 #

  11. Thank you Alekk

    redbot | 24 November 2011 #

  12. Man – You are great! Thanks for this, and for steel, and for bto_wtc :)

    Alekk | 24 November 2011 #

  13. Thanks! Silly me – I hadn’t enabled thumbnails. I removed the “files” custom field and re-added it, and now both plugins are working. Great work – fantastic plugins!

    Mave | 10 July 2011 #

  14. Hi Mave,
    the plugin is actually intended to show thumbnails so I suppose either your images don’t have a thumbnail (check it when you upload them) or there is another issue which I can’t imagine now.
    Regarding bot_file_upload compatibility this is strange, the two should work well together (I use them together all the way). I need more infos to help with this.
    As a start is the js code output in your “write” tab html source” (search the code for “bot_file_upload”)?

    redbot | 9 July 2011 #

  15. I love this plugin. Is there any way to make the drag and drop image sort feature in the sidebar show thumbnails instead of full sized images? It’s pretty unwieldy right now, as the full image is appearing on the page.

    Also, I’d ideally like to use this with your file upload plugin as well, but they don’t appear to be playing well together. Is there anything I need to do to ensure they work together?

    Mave | 9 July 2011 #

  16. Thank you superfly you are right: this is a bug. I’ll fix it in the next release when I’ll find some free time ok? Thank you again.

    redbot | 30 March 2011 #

  17. Hi redbot,
    Thanks for the nice Plugin! But when I hit the save/cancel Button the sortable ability from the UL list is gone. To fix this Bug I added the sortable Function to the Edit/Cancel Click Function. To start the sortable Feature from the iFrame jQuery needs a Parameter for the selector.

    $(”.bot_iu_ul_container”, window.top.document).sortable({…..

    superfly | 30 March 2011 #

  18. Hi Simon,
    you must use this sintax:

    ‘bot_iu_fields’ => ‘#article-image, #custom-1, #custom-2’

    BTW it’s all written in the plugins help

    redbot | 18 February 2011 #

  19. Great plugin – thank you! One thing I’m not sure about is how to define a custom field in the prefs (I’m using glz_custom_fields BTW) – do I enter <txp:custom_field name=“background” /> or <txp:custom_1 /> or <txp:custom_1_set />? None of these seem to work – any advice welcomed. Thanks again.

    Simon Finch | 18 February 2011 #

  20. Thank you, you can download it from here

    redbot | 12 February 2011 #

  21. Luca, sure, please. It is absolutely nice! You should post it on Textgarden as well, I am sure it will be a top “seller”. :)

    Giuseppe Caruso | 10 February 2011 #

  22. Ciao, actually it’s an home made (css only) theme I use for myself. If you want to download it I’ll post it in this site as I have some free time in the next days.

    redbot | 9 February 2011 #

  23. Ciao Luca, which admin theme is the one in screenshots?
    Btw, thanks a lot for the great work.

    Giuseppe Caruso | 9 February 2011 #

  24. See here.

    redbot | 8 December 2010 #

  25. It can work with txp 4.3, can you give the code new update?

    seo2design.com | 7 December 2010 #

  26. Glad you found it useful

    redbot | 16 September 2010 #

  27. Thank you very much for bot_image_upload!


    Cliff | 15 September 2010 #