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This plugin is an experimental substitute for sed_section_fields, developed when it seemed that it wouldn’t be supported anymore (luckily this problem is now solved thanks to wet)

Probably is now useless, so why I put it here? It’s raw, lacks an interface and – though very easily – you must configure it directly in the plugin code, but unlike sed_section_fields:

These elements can be hidden on section change:
All custom fields (should work beyond 10), keywords, category1, category2, article image, body, excerpt, url title, override form, article markup, excerpt markup, status, category1, category2 plus others.

Like sed_section_fields can also hide some sections in the sections list.

To configure just press ‘edit’ in the “plugins” tab and modify the commented lines following the (very easy) instructions.
I don’t think I’ll ever make an interface for this plugin – sed_section_fields has already an axcellent one. Just thought maybe the extra hiding could be useful for someone.

If someone wants to try it remember to disable temporarily sed_section_fields.
This plugin can’t do any damage as it doesn’t even touch the db and It’s compatible with glz_custom_fields, ied_hide_in_admin and rah_write_each_section.