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Ever wanted to name a custom field in a slightly more complex way than a single word?
As you know txp requires custom fields to be defined using a single word (well actually single words are not strictly required – unless you want to use them as attributes in the “article_custom” tag) .

The point is that – especially when another person is updating a site you have built – a single lowercase word may sound quite meaningless or look quite unprofessional because of underscores.

This (raw as usual) plugin lets you choose a “title” for your custom fields.
In other words you can name your custom fields as usual, using a lowercase single word, but you can then define a nice title for the labels which will show in the “write” tab.
The plugin is very short and based on jquery. You have to configure it directly in the plugins code (I told you it was raw?). Simply install it, go to plugins -> edit, and follow the instructions.
The plugins works ok with glz_custom fields (all versions) and with custom fields above 10.

v 0.3 checks if and which version of glz_custom_fields is installed and behaves accordingly
v 0.2 checks if glz_custom_fields is installed and behaves accordingly