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This micro-plugin let's you hide items in  txp backend based  on the logged user name and privilege level, via css.
Once activated it simply adds two classes to the body tag of each tab via jquery:

For example if I log in as "Donald Swain" with  "managing editor" privileges, the "body" tag for every txp admin page will now have two more classes: "managing_editor" and "donald_swain".
Please note that the user name will be lowercased and spaces will be replaced with an underscore.

Privileges can be one of the following:

Once done that, you can easily hide items in  the admin adding dome css rules in your textpattern.css file.For example:

body.managing_editor .override-form {display:none;}will hide the "override form" field for each user logged as managing editor.
In the same vein

body.donald_swain .override-form {display:none;}Will do the same but only if you are logged in as Donald Swain.

The idea for this plugin comes from sacripant